Monday, September 1, 2008

Did you have to labor on Labor Day?

Today is Labor Day and we are supposed to be celebrating the working people of America. While most people were off, some had to work. I honestly at this point, one week of being unemployed, am wishing I were having a day off from Laboring. I actually wish that I was having to labor. Being unemployed sucks, to say the least. I applied for jobs, sending my resume out into that big world wide web. But these days how do you even know if someone sees your resume? I even tried faxing my resume to some companies...thinking that would be different, but I haven't heard back. It is really frustrating! So on this day I celebrate the Laborers, wishing I were part of them!

On another note, I did find my wedding dress and the dress for the bridesmaids! While I do NOT want to be unemployed, it does have its privileges. I took the day Friday and went up to Dallas. I got to have lunch with my friend Sarah and my future sister in law Monica. We had a great lunch at Uncle Julio's. Then Monica and I headed over to the bridal salon and spent about 2 and 1/2 hours trying on dresses....well I tried them on and Monica helped me get in and out of them. I have to say that it is certainly a work out! But I found my dress....and I love it!!! It is gorgeous and like nothing I have seen other people wear. And it has pockets! I think that is cool. My dad said "well what do you need pockets for?" I didn't have an answer but I think it is pretty cool! I guess I will keep my tissues in there. It makes me feel beautiful and it has all the things I wanted.

So while we were there waiting for the consultant to help us, we were looking at the bridesmaid's dresses and I wasn't really planning on them getting the dress there. I thought they might want to just get a dress from David's Bridal or something, but Monica found one she really liked. So she tried it on and it is amazing! All the girls think so, which is a great sign. Now I can check that off my list of things to do.

On Saturday we hosted a breakfast for the apartment complex and unfortunately it didn't go that well. We bought 120 tacos for breakfast and still had more than 1/2 left! I am hoping that some day we will get into a grove of how many people we will get to show up to these things.

After breakfast Tanner stayed home and studied for his big test tomorrow. I went out to the lake. While I was driving out there I saw a horrific motorcycle accident. Unfortunately I am not sure if the guys on the bikes lived or not. It appeared that one guy had lost both his legs! It was really horrible! I was coming down the hill toward the accident and saw it happen. There appeared to be enough people stopped to take care of everything and there were people on their cells, with 911 I guess. I just kept driving. I did see both police and EMS cars and trucks heading toward the scene. I just pray that they survived or that they at least didn't have a painful death. Other than the accident, the lake was great. We floated for awhile and then Jeff made us a great dinner. We then decided to make s'mores! It was the ultimate!

Sunday and today we didn't do much. Just went to church, had lunch with Tanner's Grandma and then hung around the house today. Sunday afternoon I did go with some friends to watch the CSU/CU Rocky Mountain Showdown. It is the first game of the season for the schools. It is the big in state rivalry. This year CSU has a new coach, Steve Fairchild. He is an alum which is good, means he might be around for awhile. We didn't play well and lost 17-38. Some time soon, we need to beat those Buffs! But hanging with the Alumni Hometown Huddle was fun. And CU's group was also at the same bar which made it a lot of fun! I wish the game would have been closer, but maybe next year!

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend.

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