Friday, October 31, 2008

very sad news

Tonight I got very sad news. I am still processing, but here's what happened.....I am watching Pushing Daisies on TiVo and my phone rings. I see that it is my friend Aaron's mom. I got excited and said "hello" and it is Aaron's little sister. This surprises me, but I said "hey what's up" and then she proceed to tell me that Aaron died. I didn't know what to say, I didn't really know how to feel. I haven't talked to him in at least a year, but I would consider him one of my closest friends. We dated in high school and while that didn't really work out, we remained close friends. I loved him very much. He was a great man. A great friend and a great brother and son. I somehow am relieved for him. I am happy that he has peace and has gone to be with the Lord, who will love him and take care of him. He had a rough life. His dad left when he was just a little kid and his mom worked really hard to raise him and his sister as good people. He just never seemed to get around to getting things in his life together. I know it all weighed on him and he felt like he was a failure at parts of life. So while I am sad and worried about his mom, I am glad he is finally at peace. I guess I take comfort that he is with our Lord.
I am very close to his mom. She always thought we should haven't stayed together and ended up married. At tough times in our relationship and friendship she has always been there for me, a friend and an insight into Aaron at times. His sister said his mom isn't ready to talk to anyone quite yet, but hopefully I will be able to talk to her tomorrow. I would like to go home to the funeral and say goodbye and be there for his mom. I don't know if this is possible, we will have to see.
To make matters worse, my own mom and dad are out of town, on a cruise! So I can't even talk to my mom! It sucks. And I wanted to tell people from school about what happened, but most of them I can only contact through facebook. Is that wrong?? I feel like they should know. I feel like a lot of them would like to go to the funeral. Oh this is so tough. I want to be there to help his mom. I know this is killing her. At least she was there when it happened and there with him. I am sure that is comforting to her.

Sorry this has been totally rambled, but I just needed to get somethings out. Pray for his mom and his sister, that they too can find peace. Just another reminder that life is too short and that you should cherish the time you have with loved ones. May GOD rest your soul Aaron! I love you!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I couldn't resist...there was the scale taunting me!

I worked out this morning, for the second week in a row on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6am. There is a gym on the campus of my company, so I am taking advantage. I want to just weight myself once a week since things can change over the course of a few days – you didn’t go to the bathroom first, you have on a heavier sweater, etc. But today after I got out of the shower, there was the scale taunting me! “Saying you have been working out for 2 weeks, you have been on the diet, come weight yourself!” Now yesterday I had a hard day with the diet. I was really tied, so I had a latte – nonfat of course, but still an extra 130 calories. Then last night the dinner didn’t look so good, so I added 1oz of nonfat cheese…which added 42 calories. So now I have added 172 extra calories…man they add up! So I was thinking I couldn’t have lost anything. So I get on the scale and pull the weights down to what I weighed on Monday, and the level falls!! WOO! So I slide it back 1 slot, still down!! I slide it one more and it pops up, but then levels off. So I lost 2lbs!! J These little progressive steps help me to stay motivated. For some people it doesn’t matter, but for me, I need to see the results of my hard work! It is highly motivating to me and helps to keep me on the path! Oh and then when I got my cube this morning, I discovered that I didn’t have both my protein servings yesterday morning, so I actually only added 112 extra calories. Good thing I increased my reps this morning to 15!! J So far, so good! I am happy and surprisingly not that hungry!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In no particular order - DTWS the results

Tonight we have Missy Elliott, the Pussycat Dolls and Michael Flatley and his feet on fire. Okay one questions - Missy Elliott with the Pussycat Dolls??? hmmm okay. And please tell me what the hell is with Samantha's hair??? Can't she just wear it normally? Why does it always have to defy gravity???

After the great group dance as the dance of choice they hopped right into the announcement. In no particular order...Lance & Lacey are safe and so is Cody and ??? who ever might be his partner. Finally someone knocked Brooke and Derrik out of the top! Can I get a "hell yeah"!!

Then it is on to the junior under 13 competition. So the older siblings of one of last years couples is on. I really liked Cara last year, so hopefully her family can live up to her standards!

Craig & Samantha - the fighting was rather annoying! The dancing was ...ok.

Simon and Lucy - well I think they are in the 'awkward' stage, but the dancing was excellent. I can't believe they are only 13. They are my winners - but not the judges!

And our host Tom makes a witty joke about Julianne completing part of the Iron Man since she thought she would be back! LOL And now it is Michael Flatley dancing. Tanner put it best when he said "so The Irish guy is playing an Italian criminal figure from Chicago doing a Celtic dance named for an African animal?" all I could say was "yup" He is just so amazing! How do his feet moved that fast??? Are those tap shoes?? Did you see the weird heels?? I guess that helps with the sound?? Mesmerizing! I kind of want those shoes....not the tappy part, but just the look of a high heeled saddle shoe!! Hi I am Tiffany and I am a Shoe-aholic.

The filler was quite funny...a Marine?? Really?? Come on! I have a hard time believing that guy watches DWTS, although I am going to marry one, and he is now maybe!
Again revealing in no particular order, which couples are safe - Susan & Tony in jeopardy. Brooke & Derrik - safe, Cloris & Corky - in jeopardy, Maurice & Cheryl -safe. AND now a well placed commercial tease.

FINALLY!! Cloris is going home!! Crazy grandma who never makes sense!! She is funny, but not a good dancer! I can't wait to see what she pulls from the audience. This season is turning out to be a good one! I can't wait for the 'group dancing' that will be hilarious!

DTWS Week 8 - The Dancing

DWTS was FANTASTIC last night! I loved our guest judge Michael Flatley – Lord of the Dance. Oh the accent is crazy sexy!! Yum! So we find out that Julianne is having surgery today (Tuesday) to remove her appendix and that she has endometriosis, which I am not sure why they had to tell us that part…but whatever! She danced really well and I was impressed with Cody’s performance. So next week, if Julianne isn’t feeling well we will see Edyta back. Corey almost looked like he was going to cry when they were talking about it. And Tanner and I have decided that Corey reminds us of his youngest brother!
I thought Lance did an awesome job and deserved a 10 from at least one of the judges! I was sad Flatley gave Brooke a 10. I don’t think she really deserved it.
I agreed with Carrie Ann that Cloris doesn’t deserve to be there and that it was sad Toni went home last week and Cloris stayed, but I think she has a lot of fans and she might be around. At least I feel like the judges are doing their best to get rid of her. It was funny to hear Tanner, who actually VOTED last night, screaming at the TV how Susan Lucci or Cloris needed to go. LOL

Cheryl & Maurice - uhhh well they did an ok job, but I am just not digging him! His footwork was sloppy and I just didn’t but the connection between them! Like the judges said, it was fluid movements. After Cloris and Susan go home, I think he might be next. He got none of my votes last night!

Lance & Lacey – first I love them! I think they are sexy and fresh and great to watch. I was happy to see my favorite member of N’Sync, Joey, come by to help his buddy out! The jive was Awesome! WOOO HOOO HOOO!!!! Bruno was hilarious mimicking Carrie Anne, but jeez can she wear some sleeves if she is going to wave those old lady arms around!!!

Warren & Kym’s Rumba was so sexy! Who knew the big guy has moves! I liked his taunting of Brooke…and actually thought his was better. SO cute seeing Warren slap Tom on the back of the head for making Carrie Ann stop flirting!! LOL

Brooke & Derrik’s Rumba lacked umm….dancing by the star?!? It just didn’t seem like Brooke was actually dancing. I know she was injured, but Derrik just sort of danced around her. What the hell?? A 10????

Susan & Tony - I don't think she rocked it out?? I don't think she was out of the box! I don't think ....she can DANCE! I should also mention at this point that Tanner hates that she is so skinny and has those big fake boobs. He is screaming "go home! take your skinny chicken legs and your fake boobs and go home!!!"

Cody & Julianne - I thought it was great. He is hilarious! And maybe we like him b/c he reminds me of Tanner's brother!

Cloris & Corky - GO HOME CLORIS!!!

And was it just me or was Samantha making HORRIBLE faces back stage?? When she was throwing it back to Tom, she was trying to be hip but just looked like a idiot!

The group dance was awesome, but as Tanner pointed out, not ballroom. I thought it was fun and showed who could dance. It was neat to see the rehearsals, and I think Derrik is a great dancer…Am I the only one that thinks he is sexy?? Speaking of sexy, did anyone else see the sneaky ABC intern’s attempt to keep Brooke on the show during the group dance rehearsal? Having her tuck her shirt up into her bra to expose her stomach?!? Was it just me??
Susan and Cloris – GO HOME!! Susan Lucci (who I love as Erica Kane) is just too reserved and can’t break out of her box. Also, she looks like a stick I could break over my leg…eat something! Warren was AWESOME! He is so full of life and I agreed with Carrie Ann when she said that he reminds her of Emmitt, but has something more, the ability to really find the character. He is a great dancer for a 300lbs guy and I think he is even losing some weight. I think there are a lot of women voting for him…the big teddy bear. I am glad to see Kym got a good dance partner this season and hope to see her go far…this makes up for giving her Jerry Springer. I loved the taunting between Warren and Maurice, especially since I seen white guys dance better than Maurice!! And Warren's little solo was awesome and the crowd went wild!! Cody's beat boxing was really cool and reminded me Justin Timberlake!! The costumes were awesome and totally reminded me of high school!! I think this is certainly where Lacey and Derrik shine! I am completely amazed by the way Derrick can moved his body! And Lacey just looks like a natural...did anyone catch the mullet that Lance was sporting?? Again...Sudan Lucci CAN NOT Dance!! She couldn't even remember all the steps!

Ahhh who will go home???

Monday, October 27, 2008

NutriSystem Day 1

So I decided that I am not happy with how I look, how my clothes fit and am not satisfied to look like I do now at my wedding. So I decided that I wanted to loose weight and I was going to take it seriously. I know that in order to loose you need to have a higher output than you do input...easy math right?? Well actually accomplishing that is the hard part. Knowing my problem is portion control and that if I get bored, I will quit, I looked at a lot of different weight management programs. *I don't want this to be an advertisement for the one I picked, but I want you to understand why I did pick it.* I picked NurtiSystem. I think it will work for me b/c I get a variety of food, I don't have to count anything except glasses of water and everything is portioned already.

I went online, picked out my 28 breakfasts, lunches, dinner and yes desserts!! :o) I read everything I could online about how it works and what I needed to do, etc. They even have online and over the phone counselors available 24/7. I talked to a very nice guy that helped me answer some questions and away I went! Now they mail the food to you (yes I know it is weird) and it is all 'soft canned' which means nothing has to be frozen or refrigerated until you open it! Crazy I know!!

I tracked my package of food across the US and it arrived Friday. It was much larger and heavier than I thought, but then it was 28 days of food what did I think! I got home, lugged the giant box up the stairs and tore into it. I grabbed out the beautiful pink folder (I am assuming this is b/c I ordered the Woman's meals. I read through the info (most of which was available on the website and I had already read it) Then I followed the directions and sorted the food into piles of breakfast (blue) lunch (green) dinner (red) and dessert/snacks (pink). I counted each pile to make sure there was 35 items...yes b/c I got a free week of food... I felt special for about a minute till I realized that I used a coupon that gave me three weeks for free!

I decided since my friend Sarah was coming into town and we were already planning dinner at Chuy's that it was best I start on Monday (today). Last night I went to the grocery store and bought all the additional stuff for the diet...yes you pay for the food plus groceries! Okay let me back up...

NS (NurtiSystem) provides the entrees for each meal, then you substitute dairy, protein and fruits. They suggest that you make a meal plan for the week ahead of time. So while I was watching Made of Honor (cute movie BTW) I went through the food and picked out stuff to eat depending on my day and what I was going to be doing and I made a grocery list. I ended up spending $80 on groceries, but I could spend that eating out for lunch this week.

I came home and made up my goodie bag for today. I got a NS Peanut butter Granola Bar, 8oz Skim milk, 1/2 cup of unsweetened applesauce (I like it), then for lunch I really wanted to try the NS Black Bean and Tortilla Soup, a salad (lettuce, onion, cucumber, mushrooms) 2tbsp of fat free dressing (which was not enough to cover the salad I made!!) and 2 Dannon Light & Fit yogurts (I get two b/c your dairy serving should be 120 calories and 8g protein and each DL&F is only 60 calories), my snack 8oz milk and an apple, which in my excitement over how much food I got for lunch, also ate the snack apple :( For dinner I am having NS Lasagna, a salad -I get to add a fat to dinner, so I am having sliced avocado on my salad, then I get 2 veggie servings so I am having sliced tomato with cracked pepper and green beans. Then for dessert I am having the NS Chocolate Pudding with chocolate chips!

Now this morning I was working out, so I ate my granola bar prior to the work out and the applesauce and milk were not enough for me afterward. Now I know that I will have to eat after the work out. My stomach was growling so loud other people literally heard it! Now after lunch I am full and feel good. I am almost completely done with my water intake for the day, so that is even better. I can have diet soft drinks on the plan, so I decided to use it as a reward. If I drink all my water before dinner, then I can have a diet soda with dinner.

I also plan to stop eating by 7:30pm everyday and to work out three times a week. So far so good! Wish me luck! Watch out for a great night of Dancing with the Stars!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

11 Things I Love

Lauren at Must Love Dogs...and My Parakeet tagged me for this meme

Here are 11 of my favorite things.

1. Clothes Shop - I guess Academy Sports & Outdoors. I know some of you are laughing out loud right now, but where else can you buy stuff for work, stuff for your workout and your allotted Longhorn apparel all in one place?? And it is really a bargain! I also love Banana, Target and Ann Taylor, but I am on a budget so Target, Wal-Mart and Academy are my current go to's. Last night in fact I found GREAT jeans at Academy. They make you appear "instantly slimmer" ;)

2. Furniture Shop - I love Furniture Row! In fact we are going to buy a new mattress next month and I am out of my mind excited!!

3. City - this is hard!

4. Sweet - Reece's Peanut Butter Cups - chocolate and peanut butter! What could be better?? Nothing I say, but Tanner consistently reminds me that no one else shares the affinity I have for this combination. I am actually going to have it as my wedding cake. Tanner of course is making me also do the traditional white with fruit filling, but I like that too!

5. Drink - diet coke, if it is fountain, then I could drink 64oz no problem!

6. Music - so I am not a crazy music person. I don't particularly like going to live shows and just listen to the radio in my car. I don't even own an IPOD, yes I am that one person!

7. TV series - oh there are so many!! My 100 hour TiVo is constantly full. I would say, in no particular order, Dancing with the Stars, Grey's Anatomy, Project Runway, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, all CSI's and NCIS.

8. Film - I just love the movie Pretty Woman! I also like Sixteen Candles and Dirty Dancing.

9. Workout - I prefer not to have one! I seriously hate working out! Seriously, I hate it, but since I have reached an all time high with my weight I have started working out. I found a buddy, which always makes it easier. We have a free gym at work, so we are meeting M, W, F at 6am to work out. I printed out some workouts of a website and

10. Pastries - doughnuts!!!

11. Coffee - currently I am drinking Venti Nonfat, 1 Splenda Latte from Starbucks.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gone So Long

Sorry blog followers...I have let you down! I am hoping to return to a normal blog posting pattern now. I have accepted a job with a micro processing company here in Austin. I will be working on the Global Sticker Program! LOL what does that mean...well I will be working logistics, forecasting and fulfillment to make sure the logo sticker appears on your computer to tell you which processor it has! It should be exciting.

As for DWTS, I will get back to regular posts next week, but here are my quick comments from the last few eps.

Maks and Misty - what a shame! Did you see the clip? You could hear her tendon snap! OUCH! I will miss her, b/c I thought she would go far, but I will miss Maks too! HOTNESS!
Kym & Warren - okay officially this is my new fave couple! She is awesome and I hope to see her go far. She has been duped with horrible dancers in previous seasons, do I need to remind you of Jerry Springer??? And I freaking LOVE Warren Sapp! He is hilarious and a good dancer!
Kim K & Mark - glad they didn't get to come back with the departure of M&M. She wasn't a good dancer!
Rocco & Karina - I really thought he was fun to watch, but I guess there wasn't enough The Restaurant fans to keep him on the show.
For the record, what is going on with host Samantha Harris' hair? Who thought 'wow let's give her an elegant side pony twist' It looks like a growth out of her head! Then all the extra hair they are adding makes her look like she is wearing a helmet of hair. Last night it was down and simple, thank god!
Oh and how I love our host Tom Bergeron! He is hilarious and I love his wit! I love his inflection like last night when he was like "And now we will announce the next couples safe from elimination IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER" freaking priceless!

There is a lot going on now, but I will blog more later!