Saturday, September 6, 2008

Wedding Registry

We have to register for the wedding, so people can buy us gifts right? My whole thought process, as I have lived on my own for about 10 years now and have most stuff needed to live, is to register for stuff that I wouldn't normally buy myself but that I can use. Of course mostly this means kitchen gadgets and such things as the corn zipper!

I really want to register for china. I want some nice, only use it on Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving china. Tanner doesn't see it this way. He wants new everyday dishes and thinks we can kill two birds with one stone by registering for some basic white or ivory china and can spice it up with table linens and chargers for the holidays. Am I being selfish? Everyone I know has registered for it, and I want to! So now, do we register for everyday dishes (even though we have some that are perfectly fine) and china? Why not is what I say!! I mean if people don't buy it, then they don't buy it right? Plus we have a nice pots and pans set, and didn't register for that, so what else is there left to buy?

Now my other dilemma is that Tanner is studying for the AFD academy and has like no spare time, so I have to go do this registering myself. I guess if we get it and he HATES it then I can go ahead and return it and get something, since by the time we are married, he will be done with the academy. But I want to make the decision now! Ok Ok Ok I am being a little bit whiny, but damn it, I want china.

My friend Jenny went with me today to help me with the Macy's registry. She was my stand in groom. ;) We had fun, but again it was hard to pick what I wanted since I know Tanner is going to have an opinion about it. AGGGG!! So now I have narrowed it down to 3 choices, of course he hates my first choice and can't decide about the other two! It is making me crazy!! Oh well, hopefully we will get registered for it and some people will actually buy it!!

The other dilemma is luggage. Do we register for nice luggage? We have a lot of miss matched luggage, but I don't actually have a nice suitcase. Tanner has a set of three matching black suitcases which are pretty nice, but do we need a set as a married couple, or just for me?? Oy! What to do what to do???? Who knew there was so much stress picking out presents for other people to buy you!!

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Vanessa Rogers said...

I vote that you register for nice luggage! It makes all the difference. And china is so nice to have especially if you like to host. All of our cool wedding gifts we got however have been packed away in storage for over a year where no one but the rats use them :(