Saturday, August 23, 2008

Take this job and shove it!

I went into work Friday morning hoping that we would at least get off by 5pm, but I thought it was going to be a long day since I was bugging my boss all week for the sales goals for all the stores, so I could do the associate quotas. I went in to my office set down my stuff, opened my email and started working some other stuff. Then I hear Larry ask his admin to take him to the airport. I run out and say "what about quotas" he says "it will be done, I will email you" So I go back to my desk. Then another VP comes over and gets the other admin that sits in my area and says they have a meeting and take off. So there I am all alone. I go off to get more coffee to help me through this day and when I return my voice mail light is flashing. I check the message and it is the HR manager. She says "hey Tiffany, I am working on commissions, can you come down to my office?" So I head down there. She says "have a seat".

So I sit down. She says "we have decided to eliminate your position" I totally didn't see this coming, first thing I thought was "WHAT?!!?!" Then she said "it isn't you, but they weren't strategic in hiring for this position. They don't know what they want, and it has been a frustrating couple of months." Including that they can't give very good direction and that they didn't really know what they wanted out of the position. Of course, it was 'no reflection on me' and I have 'great potential'. I say "you know what, you couldn't have said it more perfect. This has been frustrating. And when I was hired, I told all of you that I was not qualified for this job, yet you all said "we want someone with potential" which I mistakenly thought meant you were willing to train me. I haven't had a single ounce of training since I started." She informs me that of course I am eligible for unemployment, which pays a whopping $377 a week!! And hands me my last check.

So then I am escorted to my desk by the HR lady and she lets me get a few personal things off my computer, asks for my black berry and laptop back. Of course I don't have my laptop, so she asks that I be back within the hour to return it.

As I pack up my sad little office, a few pictures of my bf, a few personal trinkets and load them into a box, I am just sort of stunned. What just happened? Did I just loose my job? I am pretty proud of myself that I kept my composure and didn't cry. So I took my box and was escorted to my car. Once in the car my cell phone rang and it was my friend Jenny who had just walked out of this same office the day before. She asked what happened and I told her, so she of course said "let's have lunch" so we met for lunch. While I was driving up to my own house, because I still had to bring that damn laptop all the way back, I called my parents. They were of course supportive and 'look at the bright side but I was just pissed. Pissed that I left a great job, and a great severance package to take this opportunity and then I was just let go and given my check through today. What the hell????

Now, as stated before I hated my job and was looking for other employment, but now I was being pushed out! So this little weenie of a boss I had couldn't even fire me himself, and I was lied to about why I was going to the HR office, do I really care? I don't think I do. So as I head to lunch, I decide I will not be upset about it, look at it as a blessing and move on. I meet up with Jenny and Heather (who plans on resigning on Monday) and we had a great Mexican lunch at Chuy's and I had a few beers.

So now what??? I don't know. I guess I start looking for work since to get my unemployment, I have to apply for 5 jobs a week. :)

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