Friday, September 19, 2008

Animal Lovers

I love animals...most of them. Snakes and bugs excluded, I love cats, dogs, birds, mice, rats, horses, cows, lamas, and pretty much you can call a pet. When I got my cat I could hardly leave for work I just loved him so much. I would come home at lunch just to see him and play with him! He is just the best. He must know I am writing about him b/c he just climbed up to my lap! He just gives me unconditional love. He comes and wakes me up with his little head butts on my chin, curls up with me at night and just makes me happy. Just this morning I was at the hair salon and was getting my hair washed and the lady next to me was telling her stylist about her 2 new puppies. How much she loves them and hates to leave them. I totally know what she means. She thinks one of them is part Rottweiler and was talking about what a good demeanor he has. That got me thinking about my sister's rottie, Rucker. Rucker is the best behaved dog I have ever met, and I give that credit to Tyler her husband and the time he took to train Rucker. We were out riding bikes and he would stay right by my sister, so then she says "watch this" and falls back from me. Rucker is running right along and he falls back with her, she yells for me to fall back, so I do. Rucker runs up with her until I start falling out of his eye line. Then he runs next to me b/c he can see both of us. What a good dog! He also is constantly backing into people when he meets them. It was explained by the vet that he is showing his non-aggressive side (the side without teeth)!!

So where am I going with this...well today I was watching Bones, the TV show and it was about a vet that was killed by a dog with filed teeth. At first it seemed that the vet was involved, anyway I won't ruin the show if you haven't seen it, but it made me sad to see the dog fights, filed teeth and everything else that goes along with the horrible treatment of animals. The lack of respect for another living things life. The horrible people that make animals go against their nature. It was a great opportunity for the animal rights people to show some commercials. So they choose this one.

It is one of the best commercials I have seen in a long time. I made me actually cry tears! I just love animals and this is the animal point of view. I guess sometimes I think people don't think about that. I also assume that all animals are inherently good, they are trained by humans to be mean. My sister has what people call an aggressive breed, but I have seen Chihuahuas that are more aggressive, they just have smaller mouths. Rucker is the friendliest, most protective and loving dog b/c he was trained that way. I love pit bulls. They are gorgeous animals, but people are scared of them b/c other people have created a stigma b/c they have been trained to fight. It is like the Dog Whisper says, "A dog that doesn't trust its human to be a good pack leader becomes unbalanced and often exhibits unwanted or anti-social behaviors." If you beat a dog and chain it up, starve it, and over all treat it badly, then it obviously won't trust you.

If it moves you donate to this or to your local SPCA! Don't pay for your animals, there are plenty (even pure breed) that need homes and can be adopted, spayed or neutered and even get first round shots for under $100! And remember when you adopt an animal that it has an expected life time (8-10 for dogs, 10-15 for cats) they also don't stay kittens or puppies, they grow into dogs and cats! You are making a lifetime choice...they pet's lifetime, so you need to be prepared for that commitment. Now the other side is, the animal will love you, unconditionally, 100% of the time, be happy to see you every time you come home (even if you just went into the other room) and will serve as a great companion!

Anyway...that is rant for now! Love your animals, adopt from shelters and support animal rights!


TexasLauren77 said...

OMG. That commercial just brought tears to my eyes, too. I love my babies so much... I could never hit either one of them or do anything to hurt them. They misbehave, yes. And they aren't convenient creatures. But, the love you get back makes it all worth it. It just kills me that there are so many people out there that don't understand the commitment they need to make when they adopt a pet. I tell you what...if I could have more than two in my apartment, I think I'd do it in a heartbeat. I volunteered with PawMatch, a non-profit, no-kill shelter every weekend last summer when they held adoption drives in Round Rock. That's how I got Sally. If I could have brought them all home with me, I SO would have. Here's their website:

Vanessa Rogers said...

I think that is the saddest commercial I have ever seen!