Wednesday, September 24, 2008

DWTS - The Results

"Combing the judges scores from last night and your votes from last night, we will now reveal, in no particular order, the first couple safe tonight" Come on say it along with our host Tom Bergeron! I love him!

Tonight was a big night, Jonas Brothers, Jesse McCartney and dancing! We opened with the PROs dancing to the Paso, which is one of my favorite dances. I think it great. Does anyone else get skeezed out when Julianne and Derek dance together??? Just me??? Especially in the Paso which is so sexy, it is just weird!
Tom and Samantha announce that Brooke & Derek, Kim & Mark and Cloris & Corky are safe. I am glad to see Kim staying. She might be this year's Jennie Garth and improve over the weeks. Then we have Jesse McCartney. Who is this kid? I have heard this song, but pictured some older black singer...not a 15 year old little brother of one of the Backstreet Boys...really is he the little brother of one of them?? And what does he know about flying on a G5?
After multiple freaking commercial breaks, Maurice & Cheryl are announced safe. Now the Jonas Brothers preform. There is massive screaming! Ok...what is the big deal...they aren't even that cute, well maybe the middle one, but come on! On a side note, they preformed a the wedding of my bridal gown consultant, who married their road manager/uncle.

So this season they are letting the home viewers choose the dances and songs for a 'future' Pro's dance on the results show. Presumably the NEXT results show to be seen next week???

Then we have the predicable, totally scripted trash talking montage. Did it occur to anyone else watching that Cloris and Cody look like the same person??? Just me again????

Now another announcement of two more couples that are staying....say it with me "Taking the judges votes......" Misty & Maks and Warren and Kym are safe to dance another day! The 100th commercial break and we come back to find Susan & Tony and Rocco & Karina are safe. The 101st commercial break, then Lance & Lacey, Cody & Julianne are safe. Then we have the super long, drawn out pause while the talk about the last two couples standing. Which while it is no particular order, I am surprised to see both of them in the bottom. Some horrible music and the panning back and forth, Tom announces Toni & Alec are safe!

I am sad. I liked Ted and I think he could have gone far. I am surprised he didn't have enough fans to save him b/c he was in that middle pack of 4 tied for 6th place. Sad to see him go, but I am blaming is her first season and I think the dancers have fans now too, which keep celebrities longer. Can't wait till next week!!

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DWTS Night 2 -Updated!

Damn that TiVo! He didn't record! I tried to find it online this morning, but with no I guess I will only be able to make comments tonight! :( I will keep looking for it online.

I found all the dancing on YouTube! Thanks to RhiannaMusicFan.

Thank GOD that Jeffrey Ross is gone. I like Edyta, but I hated him and he wasn't a good dancer. And what is with Samantha's hair??? Can't wait for tonight's show!

Kim K & Mark - so the Tush can shake her tush? She looked stiff and uncomfortable, but I think she will stick around for awhile. Score: 6,6,6=18

Ted & Inna - CUTE!! Loved it and he had fun with it. Score: 6,6,7=19

Maurice & Cheryl - Great! Full of energy. I think he will stick around. Score: 7,7,7=21

Cloris & Corky - So uncomfortable to watch! It was like watching my grandparents flirt! I think she is freaking funny, but she is NOT a good dancer! She is going to be the Jerry Springer of this season. She will be around just b/c the entertainment value. Score: 6,5,5=16

Brooke & Derek - She is really good! I was impress and I think she will go far in this competition. Judges LOVE her! Score 9,8,9=26

Lance & Lacey - pretty good dance, but he seems awkward. I think her teaching methods are totally out there and maybe that is part of the problem, she isn't a ballroom dancer. Score 7,6,8=21

Misty & Maks - She moves extremely well. I was impressed especially after what trouble she had moving in rehearsals. Score: 7,7,7=21

Rocco & Karina - It was again really fun! Rocco seems to like dancing, so he connects well with the audience. I would like him to stick around and I want to see his potential develop.
Score 7,7,7=21

Warren & Km - The Purple People Eater did a great job! I don't know if I could move around the dance floor like that and he weights 300lbs! Score: 7,7,8=22

Susan & Tony - She is so graceful and the ballroom dances will be easy for her. She did a great job and will be around for awhile. Score 7,7,8=22

Cody & Julianne - Pretty awesome! He is going to go far and is going to be a great dancer!
Score: 8,7,8=23

Toni & Alec - I was worried watching the rehearsals, she was having a hard time breathing and didn't make it through the dance once. But it ended up beautifully! Toni is so graceful and a beautiful dancer. She will be around for a long time. Score: 8,7,8=23

My favorite dance was Warren & Kym

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dancing with the Stars

This is the biggest season yet! First - I love Tom Bergeron, almost as much as Lincee loves Chris Harrison from The Bachelor. ABC does a great job getting hosts! This week there is three nights of dancing. Here is my first opinions of the dancing and who I would like to see around.

1. Julianne & that guy from Hannah Montana Cody Linley - They are the youngest couple this year. They were cute. I think the HM fans will keep him here for awhile. I think he is rather annoying, but he was a good dancer. I was impressed by his toe leads.
Score: 6,6,6 =18

2. Karina & Rocco DiSpirito - I love her! She is dancing with a seriously sprained ankle. Rocco is a chef, but he has a lot of potential. He was having a good time, that will get him far b/c his foot work won’t. Not sure if he has enough fans to keep him around. He might be going home.
Score: 5,4,5=14

3. Alec & Toni Braxton - I think Alec is sorta a jerk, but he is a good dancer and won season 1. But Toni is amazing. She is a dancer, but she has a heart condition (Micro vascular Angina), which makes it even cooler that she is doing this!
Score: 7,7,8=22

4. Cheryl & Maurice Green - He did really well and I like Cheryl ever since she won with Drew Lachey. I think they will stay around for awhile.
Score: 6,6,6=18

5. Derek & Brooke Burke - I think this is a weird pairing, but they have chemistry and Brooke is a good dancer. I can’t believe she has FOUR children! I can only hope that I can get my body to look like that BEFORE I have kids. I was impressed and so were the judges. She will be around for a long time!
Score: 7,8,8=23 Best Score of the night!

6. Inna & Ted McGinley - This is Inna’s first year. I don’t know if I like her or not yet. I love Ted! He is a guy’s guy and really funny. He is an alright dancer, but I think he will stick around this week.
Score: 6,6,6=18

7. Lacey & Lance Bass - she came in 3rd on So You Think You Can Dance, now she is a ballroom dancer??? And she is paired with the gay from N’Sync! What could you not like about this pair? And the dancing was good! Young hip and full of energy! I think they will be around for awhile.
Score: 8,6,8=22

8. Corky & Cloris - Cloris is 82 years old, and quite the firecracker! Combined couple age of 129! Actually she did pretty well. It was the fox trot, so it was elegant. She got a standing ovation. Battleship Geriatrica (Bruno) Mind your cleavage (Len) Cloris is a riot! So funny!
Score: 6,5,5 = 16

9. Edyta & Jeffery Ross - I don’t think he is that funny, but he hosts the roasts. He got poked in the eye in rehearsals and thinks it is cool wearing a eye patch and dancing against Dr. orders. They got the ChaChaCha he is a slow mover and the blue pants do nothing for me. Overall it was not a total mess, but I don’t think he will stick around. I don’t want to see him again.
Score: 4,4,4 = 12

10. Mark & Kim Kardashian - The Tush! He is the champ but he can overcome her super bad balance? It must be the tush and boobs! They got the foxtrot, which is slow and controlled. It was a good dance. I think they pulled it off and will be around for awhile.
Score: 6,7,6 = 19

11. Tony & Susan Lucci - First it is freaking Erica Kane!! She is a soap legend!! She is the tiniest person! Pretty good dancing, but she needs a little more ‘snap’ to her moves. She was nervous and messed up, plus it was careful. But she will stick around b/c the crazy soap fans will vote for her. I think she will improve and it will be worth it.
Score: 5,5,5 = 15

12. Maks & Misty May-Treanor - Maks is back! WOO HOO bring the hotness!! I hope they stay just b/c I love Maks. She is going to have a hard time being graceful, but Layla Ali did it. They did the foxtrot well
Score: 6,8,7 =21

13. Kym & Warren Sapp - He looked really good. I think this is a good competition for football players. They seems to always do well (Jason and Emmitt) I will be excited to see if Warren looses weight. The audience loved him!
Score: 7,7,7=21

Happy Watching!! :)

National Stay at Home Week

I am so excited the normal programing is returning! The CSI cliff hangers (Both Vegas and Miami had big cliff hangers) I am glad for the return of The Big Bang Theory, it is a well written hilarious show! How I Met Your Mother, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Grey's Anatomy, Dancing with the Stars (which I will be chronicling this year) Smallville, Bones, House, NCIS, Survivor, Chuck, Dirty Sexy Money, Desperate Housewives! Oy I watch too much TV, but thank GOD for TiVo! There will be some other new shows that I want to check out, but we will see if I can fit them into my watching schedule! Plus I still have Project Runway (a few shows left for this season, plus a new LA season starting in January) and The Hills. Hope you are all enjoying the beginning to a full season of some great TV!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Animal Lovers

I love animals...most of them. Snakes and bugs excluded, I love cats, dogs, birds, mice, rats, horses, cows, lamas, and pretty much you can call a pet. When I got my cat I could hardly leave for work I just loved him so much. I would come home at lunch just to see him and play with him! He is just the best. He must know I am writing about him b/c he just climbed up to my lap! He just gives me unconditional love. He comes and wakes me up with his little head butts on my chin, curls up with me at night and just makes me happy. Just this morning I was at the hair salon and was getting my hair washed and the lady next to me was telling her stylist about her 2 new puppies. How much she loves them and hates to leave them. I totally know what she means. She thinks one of them is part Rottweiler and was talking about what a good demeanor he has. That got me thinking about my sister's rottie, Rucker. Rucker is the best behaved dog I have ever met, and I give that credit to Tyler her husband and the time he took to train Rucker. We were out riding bikes and he would stay right by my sister, so then she says "watch this" and falls back from me. Rucker is running right along and he falls back with her, she yells for me to fall back, so I do. Rucker runs up with her until I start falling out of his eye line. Then he runs next to me b/c he can see both of us. What a good dog! He also is constantly backing into people when he meets them. It was explained by the vet that he is showing his non-aggressive side (the side without teeth)!!

So where am I going with this...well today I was watching Bones, the TV show and it was about a vet that was killed by a dog with filed teeth. At first it seemed that the vet was involved, anyway I won't ruin the show if you haven't seen it, but it made me sad to see the dog fights, filed teeth and everything else that goes along with the horrible treatment of animals. The lack of respect for another living things life. The horrible people that make animals go against their nature. It was a great opportunity for the animal rights people to show some commercials. So they choose this one.

It is one of the best commercials I have seen in a long time. I made me actually cry tears! I just love animals and this is the animal point of view. I guess sometimes I think people don't think about that. I also assume that all animals are inherently good, they are trained by humans to be mean. My sister has what people call an aggressive breed, but I have seen Chihuahuas that are more aggressive, they just have smaller mouths. Rucker is the friendliest, most protective and loving dog b/c he was trained that way. I love pit bulls. They are gorgeous animals, but people are scared of them b/c other people have created a stigma b/c they have been trained to fight. It is like the Dog Whisper says, "A dog that doesn't trust its human to be a good pack leader becomes unbalanced and often exhibits unwanted or anti-social behaviors." If you beat a dog and chain it up, starve it, and over all treat it badly, then it obviously won't trust you.

If it moves you donate to this or to your local SPCA! Don't pay for your animals, there are plenty (even pure breed) that need homes and can be adopted, spayed or neutered and even get first round shots for under $100! And remember when you adopt an animal that it has an expected life time (8-10 for dogs, 10-15 for cats) they also don't stay kittens or puppies, they grow into dogs and cats! You are making a lifetime choice...they pet's lifetime, so you need to be prepared for that commitment. Now the other side is, the animal will love you, unconditionally, 100% of the time, be happy to see you every time you come home (even if you just went into the other room) and will serve as a great companion!

Anyway...that is rant for now! Love your animals, adopt from shelters and support animal rights!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Obsession with Coffee

I have talked about my liking for a good cup of joe before, but it has reached a new level. I am an honest SBC follower, but now only for drip coffee or espresso I make. While I can make a great espresso with their coffee, I have found that the baristas here are lacking the skills to truly make a great espresso drink. Unfortunately, due to the lack of SBCs here in Austin and the truly super convenience of Starbucks, I have been going to Starbucks. Now you are saying ok, but what is my new level of obsession? Well it is that I can't not have a latte if I am out of the house. I am not working right now, but yet feel compelled to hit up Starbucks every time I am out of the house and pay the $3.52 for a Grande, non-fat, 1 Splenda latte! I can't help it. I love the taste of the creamy, silky, frothy milk swirling around with some espresso. Now b/c it is Starbucks, I add the Splenda to help cut down the serious bite their over-roasted coffee has.

I leave the house as little as possible since I haven't gotten my first unemployment check yet and I don't want to waste gas or spend useless money, but when I do venture out it is like a serious voice in my head that says "GET A LATTE" and the next thing I know I am pulling off the highway and into the Starbucks drive thru. Then I get that Grande, non-fat, 1 Splenda latte in my hand and it is like ultimate release. It is seriously 16oz of heaven in a paper cup. It tastes so good. I love it. Yummy.

I need to stop this before I spend all my savings on Starbucks, or I need to find a job so that I can keep affording my habit! Or I need someone to purchase the Breville Espresso Maker off my registry so I can start making my own at home!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Wedding Registry

We have to register for the wedding, so people can buy us gifts right? My whole thought process, as I have lived on my own for about 10 years now and have most stuff needed to live, is to register for stuff that I wouldn't normally buy myself but that I can use. Of course mostly this means kitchen gadgets and such things as the corn zipper!

I really want to register for china. I want some nice, only use it on Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving china. Tanner doesn't see it this way. He wants new everyday dishes and thinks we can kill two birds with one stone by registering for some basic white or ivory china and can spice it up with table linens and chargers for the holidays. Am I being selfish? Everyone I know has registered for it, and I want to! So now, do we register for everyday dishes (even though we have some that are perfectly fine) and china? Why not is what I say!! I mean if people don't buy it, then they don't buy it right? Plus we have a nice pots and pans set, and didn't register for that, so what else is there left to buy?

Now my other dilemma is that Tanner is studying for the AFD academy and has like no spare time, so I have to go do this registering myself. I guess if we get it and he HATES it then I can go ahead and return it and get something, since by the time we are married, he will be done with the academy. But I want to make the decision now! Ok Ok Ok I am being a little bit whiny, but damn it, I want china.

My friend Jenny went with me today to help me with the Macy's registry. She was my stand in groom. ;) We had fun, but again it was hard to pick what I wanted since I know Tanner is going to have an opinion about it. AGGGG!! So now I have narrowed it down to 3 choices, of course he hates my first choice and can't decide about the other two! It is making me crazy!! Oh well, hopefully we will get registered for it and some people will actually buy it!!

The other dilemma is luggage. Do we register for nice luggage? We have a lot of miss matched luggage, but I don't actually have a nice suitcase. Tanner has a set of three matching black suitcases which are pretty nice, but do we need a set as a married couple, or just for me?? Oy! What to do what to do???? Who knew there was so much stress picking out presents for other people to buy you!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Did you have to labor on Labor Day?

Today is Labor Day and we are supposed to be celebrating the working people of America. While most people were off, some had to work. I honestly at this point, one week of being unemployed, am wishing I were having a day off from Laboring. I actually wish that I was having to labor. Being unemployed sucks, to say the least. I applied for jobs, sending my resume out into that big world wide web. But these days how do you even know if someone sees your resume? I even tried faxing my resume to some companies...thinking that would be different, but I haven't heard back. It is really frustrating! So on this day I celebrate the Laborers, wishing I were part of them!

On another note, I did find my wedding dress and the dress for the bridesmaids! While I do NOT want to be unemployed, it does have its privileges. I took the day Friday and went up to Dallas. I got to have lunch with my friend Sarah and my future sister in law Monica. We had a great lunch at Uncle Julio's. Then Monica and I headed over to the bridal salon and spent about 2 and 1/2 hours trying on dresses....well I tried them on and Monica helped me get in and out of them. I have to say that it is certainly a work out! But I found my dress....and I love it!!! It is gorgeous and like nothing I have seen other people wear. And it has pockets! I think that is cool. My dad said "well what do you need pockets for?" I didn't have an answer but I think it is pretty cool! I guess I will keep my tissues in there. It makes me feel beautiful and it has all the things I wanted.

So while we were there waiting for the consultant to help us, we were looking at the bridesmaid's dresses and I wasn't really planning on them getting the dress there. I thought they might want to just get a dress from David's Bridal or something, but Monica found one she really liked. So she tried it on and it is amazing! All the girls think so, which is a great sign. Now I can check that off my list of things to do.

On Saturday we hosted a breakfast for the apartment complex and unfortunately it didn't go that well. We bought 120 tacos for breakfast and still had more than 1/2 left! I am hoping that some day we will get into a grove of how many people we will get to show up to these things.

After breakfast Tanner stayed home and studied for his big test tomorrow. I went out to the lake. While I was driving out there I saw a horrific motorcycle accident. Unfortunately I am not sure if the guys on the bikes lived or not. It appeared that one guy had lost both his legs! It was really horrible! I was coming down the hill toward the accident and saw it happen. There appeared to be enough people stopped to take care of everything and there were people on their cells, with 911 I guess. I just kept driving. I did see both police and EMS cars and trucks heading toward the scene. I just pray that they survived or that they at least didn't have a painful death. Other than the accident, the lake was great. We floated for awhile and then Jeff made us a great dinner. We then decided to make s'mores! It was the ultimate!

Sunday and today we didn't do much. Just went to church, had lunch with Tanner's Grandma and then hung around the house today. Sunday afternoon I did go with some friends to watch the CSU/CU Rocky Mountain Showdown. It is the first game of the season for the schools. It is the big in state rivalry. This year CSU has a new coach, Steve Fairchild. He is an alum which is good, means he might be around for awhile. We didn't play well and lost 17-38. Some time soon, we need to beat those Buffs! But hanging with the Alumni Hometown Huddle was fun. And CU's group was also at the same bar which made it a lot of fun! I wish the game would have been closer, but maybe next year!

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend.