Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dancing with the Stars

This is the biggest season yet! First - I love Tom Bergeron, almost as much as Lincee loves Chris Harrison from The Bachelor. ABC does a great job getting hosts! This week there is three nights of dancing. Here is my first opinions of the dancing and who I would like to see around.

1. Julianne & that guy from Hannah Montana Cody Linley - They are the youngest couple this year. They were cute. I think the HM fans will keep him here for awhile. I think he is rather annoying, but he was a good dancer. I was impressed by his toe leads.
Score: 6,6,6 =18

2. Karina & Rocco DiSpirito - I love her! She is dancing with a seriously sprained ankle. Rocco is a chef, but he has a lot of potential. He was having a good time, that will get him far b/c his foot work won’t. Not sure if he has enough fans to keep him around. He might be going home.
Score: 5,4,5=14

3. Alec & Toni Braxton - I think Alec is sorta a jerk, but he is a good dancer and won season 1. But Toni is amazing. She is a dancer, but she has a heart condition (Micro vascular Angina), which makes it even cooler that she is doing this!
Score: 7,7,8=22

4. Cheryl & Maurice Green - He did really well and I like Cheryl ever since she won with Drew Lachey. I think they will stay around for awhile.
Score: 6,6,6=18

5. Derek & Brooke Burke - I think this is a weird pairing, but they have chemistry and Brooke is a good dancer. I can’t believe she has FOUR children! I can only hope that I can get my body to look like that BEFORE I have kids. I was impressed and so were the judges. She will be around for a long time!
Score: 7,8,8=23 Best Score of the night!

6. Inna & Ted McGinley - This is Inna’s first year. I don’t know if I like her or not yet. I love Ted! He is a guy’s guy and really funny. He is an alright dancer, but I think he will stick around this week.
Score: 6,6,6=18

7. Lacey & Lance Bass - she came in 3rd on So You Think You Can Dance, now she is a ballroom dancer??? And she is paired with the gay from N’Sync! What could you not like about this pair? And the dancing was good! Young hip and full of energy! I think they will be around for awhile.
Score: 8,6,8=22

8. Corky & Cloris - Cloris is 82 years old, and quite the firecracker! Combined couple age of 129! Actually she did pretty well. It was the fox trot, so it was elegant. She got a standing ovation. Battleship Geriatrica (Bruno) Mind your cleavage (Len) Cloris is a riot! So funny!
Score: 6,5,5 = 16

9. Edyta & Jeffery Ross - I don’t think he is that funny, but he hosts the roasts. He got poked in the eye in rehearsals and thinks it is cool wearing a eye patch and dancing against Dr. orders. They got the ChaChaCha he is a slow mover and the blue pants do nothing for me. Overall it was not a total mess, but I don’t think he will stick around. I don’t want to see him again.
Score: 4,4,4 = 12

10. Mark & Kim Kardashian - The Tush! He is the champ but he can overcome her super bad balance? It must be the tush and boobs! They got the foxtrot, which is slow and controlled. It was a good dance. I think they pulled it off and will be around for awhile.
Score: 6,7,6 = 19

11. Tony & Susan Lucci - First it is freaking Erica Kane!! She is a soap legend!! She is the tiniest person! Pretty good dancing, but she needs a little more ‘snap’ to her moves. She was nervous and messed up, plus it was careful. But she will stick around b/c the crazy soap fans will vote for her. I think she will improve and it will be worth it.
Score: 5,5,5 = 15

12. Maks & Misty May-Treanor - Maks is back! WOO HOO bring the hotness!! I hope they stay just b/c I love Maks. She is going to have a hard time being graceful, but Layla Ali did it. They did the foxtrot well
Score: 6,8,7 =21

13. Kym & Warren Sapp - He looked really good. I think this is a good competition for football players. They seems to always do well (Jason and Emmitt) I will be excited to see if Warren looses weight. The audience loved him!
Score: 7,7,7=21

Happy Watching!! :)

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