Wednesday, September 24, 2008

DWTS Night 2 -Updated!

Damn that TiVo! He didn't record! I tried to find it online this morning, but with no I guess I will only be able to make comments tonight! :( I will keep looking for it online.

I found all the dancing on YouTube! Thanks to RhiannaMusicFan.

Thank GOD that Jeffrey Ross is gone. I like Edyta, but I hated him and he wasn't a good dancer. And what is with Samantha's hair??? Can't wait for tonight's show!

Kim K & Mark - so the Tush can shake her tush? She looked stiff and uncomfortable, but I think she will stick around for awhile. Score: 6,6,6=18

Ted & Inna - CUTE!! Loved it and he had fun with it. Score: 6,6,7=19

Maurice & Cheryl - Great! Full of energy. I think he will stick around. Score: 7,7,7=21

Cloris & Corky - So uncomfortable to watch! It was like watching my grandparents flirt! I think she is freaking funny, but she is NOT a good dancer! She is going to be the Jerry Springer of this season. She will be around just b/c the entertainment value. Score: 6,5,5=16

Brooke & Derek - She is really good! I was impress and I think she will go far in this competition. Judges LOVE her! Score 9,8,9=26

Lance & Lacey - pretty good dance, but he seems awkward. I think her teaching methods are totally out there and maybe that is part of the problem, she isn't a ballroom dancer. Score 7,6,8=21

Misty & Maks - She moves extremely well. I was impressed especially after what trouble she had moving in rehearsals. Score: 7,7,7=21

Rocco & Karina - It was again really fun! Rocco seems to like dancing, so he connects well with the audience. I would like him to stick around and I want to see his potential develop.
Score 7,7,7=21

Warren & Km - The Purple People Eater did a great job! I don't know if I could move around the dance floor like that and he weights 300lbs! Score: 7,7,8=22

Susan & Tony - She is so graceful and the ballroom dances will be easy for her. She did a great job and will be around for awhile. Score 7,7,8=22

Cody & Julianne - Pretty awesome! He is going to go far and is going to be a great dancer!
Score: 8,7,8=23

Toni & Alec - I was worried watching the rehearsals, she was having a hard time breathing and didn't make it through the dance once. But it ended up beautifully! Toni is so graceful and a beautiful dancer. She will be around for a long time. Score: 8,7,8=23

My favorite dance was Warren & Kym

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TexasLauren77 said...

I've got it recorded from last night. I've got book club tonight, but after that, you can come watch if you want...or whenever you've got freetime! :)