Friday, November 28, 2008

8 Things About Me

A cool blog that I like called The Yellow Brick Road tagged me for something called 8 random things. So here are 8, maybe not known things about me, which was harder than I thought! And since I am supposed to tag 4 people, I tag One Weak at a Time, Must Love Dogs..., Lone Starr State of Mind and Knight of Nothing.

1. I have to sleep with a small fan on. It doesn't actually circulate any air, it just makes noise. I started sleeping with it on in college to drownd out the noise of the dorms, but now I have to have it - but it keeps Tanner awake, so I am trying to sleep without, but isn't good sleep!!

2. I used to be a blonde! Many of you just said "WHAT?!?!!" but yes in college I dyed my hair blonde, really blonde. It looked pretty good!

3. My parents have been married for 41 years. This is a big thing to me. They havne't always gotten along great, but they love each other and always work it out. It is certainly something I look up to.

4. I love to bake. I love baked goods...they are my weakness, but I love making pies, cakes, cupcakes, brownies, etc!

5. While I think this might be a known fact, since I have an entire entry dedicated to it, I love coffee! I worked as a Barista for over 2 years where my knowledge of the drink and my love for it grew!

6. I hate working out. I know I should, I know it is good for me, I know I need to, but I hate it! I have to basically drag myself. I always feel better afterward and know it is good for me, but I hate it!!

7. I love wine! I want to become more knowledgeable about it, but I love wine. I contribute it to a bonding experience with my sister, who also loves wine.

8. I am the perfect consumer. If a commercial or show is made to make you laugh, then I laugh. If it is made to make you cry, then I cry. I can't help it. I fall for it every time! Those damn Visa commercials where the little girl is imagining walking down the street with an elephant, but really it is the toy elephant that her dad bought her at the circus totally chokes me up! So if you want to know if something is going to work on consumers, I would be happy to tell you!

Hope you enjoyed learning more about me!


Vanessa Rogers said...

Since you are dieting, I thought that I would tell you about if you haven't already discovered it. They have lighter recipes, and some of them, even for baking are really excellent. Also, I love wine too, I wish that I knew more and could afford some better wines than st. Genevieve :)

Knight of Nothing said...

Hi Tiff - Thanks for the tag! I already did this one, so I can't really write another post about it. Here is my original post. But as a bonus, I'll give you five more random things here:

1. I have a backache right now.
2. I made a shrine to Patrick O'Brian in my new apartment.
3. I'm not really a dog person, and yet I have two dogs.
4. I'd like to see a lot more of my children than I do.
5. Finally, here are updates on my eight from before: #5 - these days, I am under 190 lbs; #3 - in February of 2008, I did direct that rock video; #8 - I still think about how to realize my idea.