Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Am I Missing

I was sent an article about getting the most from my downtime. This made me start thinking are the more succesful people in my life doing these things? I don't want my life to be the status quo. I want to accomplish things and go places and see things. Is this going to be possible for me? I don't know. Right now my focus is getting married, getting out of debt and getting going on my career. I want to start a family soon, but obviously would like to get the debt and marriage done first!
I usually come home from work really tired, have dinner and watch TV. I am sure this is not the most productive thing to do with my time, but I think all day at work and sometimes I just like to veg out when I get home. I usually read for 30 minutes or more before I go to bed, then lights out and the day starts all over again the next morning. Am I missing something? Should I be doing more with my time? Sometimes between my real job and working for the apartment complex as the resident team, I feel over scheduled! Where is the balance?

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