Monday, November 10, 2008

What a weekend

I flew home to Colorado on Thursday and met my dad, and some really cold weather! I was not prepared...good thing I can wear my mom's clothes! Friday I went over Aaron's mom's house and helped finish the picture board she had made for the memorial service and met his girlfriend. The board turned out awesome and it was fun looking back at Aaron's life!

The memorial service, on Saturday, was at a park in downtown C. Springs. It was a chilly, but sunny day. Blue skies with just a few dots of fluffy white clouds. Perfect! Aaron's stepdad, Mike, spoke then opened up the floor for the rest of us. I went first. I read my piece about our relationship and how I felt about him, how I would miss him. Then I had two letters from people who couldn't be there, and read those. I didn't make it through mine without crying, did pretty well through Scott's but lost it again through Chris' letter. A few others spoke, including an ex-gf from college....who by all means is crazy! It was weird b/c the tone of her letter lead people to believe she was his gf now, which wasn't true, but his now gf just couldn't get it together enough to say anything. It was nice to see so many people out for this, especially since it was sort of word of mouth.

It was nice that I had some support there. A group of guys from high school, that all knew Aaron and really were there for me. Danny, Kerry and Travis, thanks! Travis came and hung out with me after the service so I wasn't alone. It was nice to know that even after all this time, I can still call these people friends and our bonds are still tight. I wish it weren't things like this that get us back together again.

The lesson is that life is too short. Be kind to your friends, tell the people you love, that you love them - everyday. Don't miss out on the opportunity to spend time with someone, you never know if it will be the last time you see them.

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Vanessa Rogers said...

It's hard saying goodbye to ones we love, especially a friend who was too young. I am glad that you had people around you to support you though!