Monday, November 17, 2008

PC America is getting out of hand

Today has gotten me thinking being PC is getting ridiculous!! Don’t get me wrong, I think all people are created equal, I am not racist or a bigot and I think everyone deserves the same rights. I do not, however think that I am a bad person because I used the word ‘black’ to describe someone of African American decent! I would not be offended if someone described me as ‘white’, nor ‘straight’ or republican. But why is it that I am made to feel like I practically used the “N” word when I said “you know that black guy”? I have friends that are black….all of which consider themselves American, not African American, because as my friend Sam said “I am from Florida! I haven’t been to Africa, my mom and dad haven’t been to Africa and my grandparents haven’t been to Africa!” I have gay friends, now I won’t use words like ‘dyke’ or ‘homo’ but I call them gay. They are GAY! I don’t judge, I am just using words to describe people! Come on world, when did it get sensitive to use adjectives? If I say them in a descriptive, not hurtful way, what does it matter?
I was watching a comic this weekend, he was making a lot of non-PC jokes, but they were funny. He was a Hispanic and poked fun at everyone equally. He made a comment that I thought was a poignant …”if you are white and don’t know if you should laugh or not, turn and find the nearest black or Mexican and see if they are laughing, if they are you’re good!” Why do only the white people have to figure out if it is ok to laugh?

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Vanessa Rogers said...

I thought black was the PC term these days? Whoever told you that you were being racist needs to look up the current PC terms!