Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Diet and some progress

I have been doing Nutrisystem for a little over a month now. I have lost a total of 16lbs. I know I have lost inches b/c my clothes are fitting better and I can tell there is a reduction in my belly. I no longer look as though I am 4 or 5 month pregnant! Now stop right there, I know you will say "you didn't look pregnant" but kids will say the darndest things and before I started this diet I was hanging out with a friend's 6 year old daughter and we went to the pool. While we were there she came up, put her hand on my belly and said "are you having a baby?" That might have been the last straw for me, knowing that I had to do something! I am glad I did. I have found NS to be very easy to follow and a good way to learn about portion control and what portions of things should look like. Now it is short on the carbs, outside of what is in the NS food, you really aren't allowed. This is the hardest thing for me b/c I LOVE bread and toast. Overall I have been impressed with the food. Sure some of it needs to be doctored with spices and salads get boring after awhile. NS has discussion boards where you can read about other people's ideas/struggles, etc.
Coming into the holiday weekend I am scared of what will happen on Thanksgiving. I am going to Tanner's sister's in Keller. I think there will be a ton of people. I can eat the turkey (4oz) and I am going to make myself some mashed cauliflower fake potatoes instead of eating the real ones. I am also in charge of pies, so I plan to make a lowfat or fat free pumpkin cheesecake and then a regular pumpkin and a apple pie (made with Splenda instead of sugar) But I love dressing and gravy! I am going to miss them! At least I can eat the cranberry sauce! And I guess as long as I don't gain weight a by-week of weight loss will be ok.
Hope you all have a Happy and Safe Holiday!


TexasLauren77 said...

Once upon a time, I did weight watchers (I know I'm not looking like that NOW!), and I actually started the program the week of Thanksgiving. I LOST weight that week, even with eating whatever I wanted that day. My strategy (which we had all discussed in meeting that week) was to have a little bit of everything, but nothing could touch anthing else on the plate... ie - the green bean casserole couldn't touch the mashed potatoes. I know it sounds a little obsessive, but this actually worked great! I had one plate, sampled a little bit of everything, and for the first time EVER, did not feel like I'd swallowed a bowling ball at the end of the meal!!! It really kept portion size under control, and I enjoyed myself while not having to feel deprived that there was something served that I couldn't have. AND...I also had a sliver of each pie serverd. The total amount of pie I ate maybe only added up to 1 - 1 1/2 slices, but it rocked! ;) I lost 4 pounds that week!

Vanessa Rogers said...

hey do you have that cauliflower casserole recipe?

Vanessa Rogers said...

tag you are it. Check out the blog :)