Monday, October 27, 2008

NutriSystem Day 1

So I decided that I am not happy with how I look, how my clothes fit and am not satisfied to look like I do now at my wedding. So I decided that I wanted to loose weight and I was going to take it seriously. I know that in order to loose you need to have a higher output than you do input...easy math right?? Well actually accomplishing that is the hard part. Knowing my problem is portion control and that if I get bored, I will quit, I looked at a lot of different weight management programs. *I don't want this to be an advertisement for the one I picked, but I want you to understand why I did pick it.* I picked NurtiSystem. I think it will work for me b/c I get a variety of food, I don't have to count anything except glasses of water and everything is portioned already.

I went online, picked out my 28 breakfasts, lunches, dinner and yes desserts!! :o) I read everything I could online about how it works and what I needed to do, etc. They even have online and over the phone counselors available 24/7. I talked to a very nice guy that helped me answer some questions and away I went! Now they mail the food to you (yes I know it is weird) and it is all 'soft canned' which means nothing has to be frozen or refrigerated until you open it! Crazy I know!!

I tracked my package of food across the US and it arrived Friday. It was much larger and heavier than I thought, but then it was 28 days of food what did I think! I got home, lugged the giant box up the stairs and tore into it. I grabbed out the beautiful pink folder (I am assuming this is b/c I ordered the Woman's meals. I read through the info (most of which was available on the website and I had already read it) Then I followed the directions and sorted the food into piles of breakfast (blue) lunch (green) dinner (red) and dessert/snacks (pink). I counted each pile to make sure there was 35 items...yes b/c I got a free week of food... I felt special for about a minute till I realized that I used a coupon that gave me three weeks for free!

I decided since my friend Sarah was coming into town and we were already planning dinner at Chuy's that it was best I start on Monday (today). Last night I went to the grocery store and bought all the additional stuff for the diet...yes you pay for the food plus groceries! Okay let me back up...

NS (NurtiSystem) provides the entrees for each meal, then you substitute dairy, protein and fruits. They suggest that you make a meal plan for the week ahead of time. So while I was watching Made of Honor (cute movie BTW) I went through the food and picked out stuff to eat depending on my day and what I was going to be doing and I made a grocery list. I ended up spending $80 on groceries, but I could spend that eating out for lunch this week.

I came home and made up my goodie bag for today. I got a NS Peanut butter Granola Bar, 8oz Skim milk, 1/2 cup of unsweetened applesauce (I like it), then for lunch I really wanted to try the NS Black Bean and Tortilla Soup, a salad (lettuce, onion, cucumber, mushrooms) 2tbsp of fat free dressing (which was not enough to cover the salad I made!!) and 2 Dannon Light & Fit yogurts (I get two b/c your dairy serving should be 120 calories and 8g protein and each DL&F is only 60 calories), my snack 8oz milk and an apple, which in my excitement over how much food I got for lunch, also ate the snack apple :( For dinner I am having NS Lasagna, a salad -I get to add a fat to dinner, so I am having sliced avocado on my salad, then I get 2 veggie servings so I am having sliced tomato with cracked pepper and green beans. Then for dessert I am having the NS Chocolate Pudding with chocolate chips!

Now this morning I was working out, so I ate my granola bar prior to the work out and the applesauce and milk were not enough for me afterward. Now I know that I will have to eat after the work out. My stomach was growling so loud other people literally heard it! Now after lunch I am full and feel good. I am almost completely done with my water intake for the day, so that is even better. I can have diet soft drinks on the plan, so I decided to use it as a reward. If I drink all my water before dinner, then I can have a diet soda with dinner.

I also plan to stop eating by 7:30pm everyday and to work out three times a week. So far so good! Wish me luck! Watch out for a great night of Dancing with the Stars!!!

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AP said...

I'm intrested to read your reports on this. Other people I know did well with this program.