Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In no particular order - DTWS the results

Tonight we have Missy Elliott, the Pussycat Dolls and Michael Flatley and his feet on fire. Okay one questions - Missy Elliott with the Pussycat Dolls??? hmmm okay. And please tell me what the hell is with Samantha's hair??? Can't she just wear it normally? Why does it always have to defy gravity???

After the great group dance as the dance of choice they hopped right into the announcement. In no particular order...Lance & Lacey are safe and so is Cody and ??? who ever might be his partner. Finally someone knocked Brooke and Derrik out of the top! Can I get a "hell yeah"!!

Then it is on to the junior under 13 competition. So the older siblings of one of last years couples is on. I really liked Cara last year, so hopefully her family can live up to her standards!

Craig & Samantha - the fighting was rather annoying! The dancing was ...ok.

Simon and Lucy - well I think they are in the 'awkward' stage, but the dancing was excellent. I can't believe they are only 13. They are my winners - but not the judges!

And our host Tom makes a witty joke about Julianne completing part of the Iron Man since she thought she would be back! LOL And now it is Michael Flatley dancing. Tanner put it best when he said "so The Irish guy is playing an Italian criminal figure from Chicago doing a Celtic dance named for an African animal?" all I could say was "yup" He is just so amazing! How do his feet moved that fast??? Are those tap shoes?? Did you see the weird heels?? I guess that helps with the sound?? Mesmerizing! I kind of want those shoes....not the tappy part, but just the look of a high heeled saddle shoe!! Hi I am Tiffany and I am a Shoe-aholic.

The filler was quite funny...a Marine?? Really?? Come on! I have a hard time believing that guy watches DWTS, although I am going to marry one, and he is now watching....so maybe!
Again revealing in no particular order, which couples are safe - Susan & Tony in jeopardy. Brooke & Derrik - safe, Cloris & Corky - in jeopardy, Maurice & Cheryl -safe. AND now a well placed commercial tease.

FINALLY!! Cloris is going home!! Crazy grandma who never makes sense!! She is funny, but not a good dancer! I can't wait to see what she pulls from the audience. This season is turning out to be a good one! I can't wait for the 'group dancing' that will be hilarious!

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