Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gone So Long

Sorry blog followers...I have let you down! I am hoping to return to a normal blog posting pattern now. I have accepted a job with a micro processing company here in Austin. I will be working on the Global Sticker Program! LOL what does that mean...well I will be working logistics, forecasting and fulfillment to make sure the logo sticker appears on your computer to tell you which processor it has! It should be exciting.

As for DWTS, I will get back to regular posts next week, but here are my quick comments from the last few eps.

Maks and Misty - what a shame! Did you see the clip? You could hear her tendon snap! OUCH! I will miss her, b/c I thought she would go far, but I will miss Maks too! HOTNESS!
Kym & Warren - okay officially this is my new fave couple! She is awesome and I hope to see her go far. She has been duped with horrible dancers in previous seasons, do I need to remind you of Jerry Springer??? And I freaking LOVE Warren Sapp! He is hilarious and a good dancer!
Kim K & Mark - glad they didn't get to come back with the departure of M&M. She wasn't a good dancer!
Rocco & Karina - I really thought he was fun to watch, but I guess there wasn't enough The Restaurant fans to keep him on the show.
For the record, what is going on with host Samantha Harris' hair? Who thought 'wow let's give her an elegant side pony twist' It looks like a growth out of her head! Then all the extra hair they are adding makes her look like she is wearing a helmet of hair. Last night it was down and simple, thank god!
Oh and how I love our host Tom Bergeron! He is hilarious and I love his wit! I love his inflection like last night when he was like "And now we will announce the next couples safe from elimination IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER" freaking priceless!

There is a lot going on now, but I will blog more later!

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