Tuesday, October 28, 2008

DTWS Week 8 - The Dancing

DWTS was FANTASTIC last night! I loved our guest judge Michael Flatley – Lord of the Dance. Oh the accent is crazy sexy!! Yum! So we find out that Julianne is having surgery today (Tuesday) to remove her appendix and that she has endometriosis, which I am not sure why they had to tell us that part…but whatever! She danced really well and I was impressed with Cody’s performance. So next week, if Julianne isn’t feeling well we will see Edyta back. Corey almost looked like he was going to cry when they were talking about it. And Tanner and I have decided that Corey reminds us of his youngest brother!
I thought Lance did an awesome job and deserved a 10 from at least one of the judges! I was sad Flatley gave Brooke a 10. I don’t think she really deserved it.
I agreed with Carrie Ann that Cloris doesn’t deserve to be there and that it was sad Toni went home last week and Cloris stayed, but I think she has a lot of fans and she might be around. At least I feel like the judges are doing their best to get rid of her. It was funny to hear Tanner, who actually VOTED last night, screaming at the TV how Susan Lucci or Cloris needed to go. LOL

Cheryl & Maurice - uhhh well they did an ok job, but I am just not digging him! His footwork was sloppy and I just didn’t but the connection between them! Like the judges said, it was fluid movements. After Cloris and Susan go home, I think he might be next. He got none of my votes last night!

Lance & Lacey – first I love them! I think they are sexy and fresh and great to watch. I was happy to see my favorite member of N’Sync, Joey, come by to help his buddy out! The jive was Awesome! WOOO HOOO HOOO!!!! Bruno was hilarious mimicking Carrie Anne, but jeez can she wear some sleeves if she is going to wave those old lady arms around!!!

Warren & Kym’s Rumba was so sexy! Who knew the big guy has moves! I liked his taunting of Brooke…and actually thought his was better. SO cute seeing Warren slap Tom on the back of the head for making Carrie Ann stop flirting!! LOL

Brooke & Derrik’s Rumba lacked umm….dancing by the star?!? It just didn’t seem like Brooke was actually dancing. I know she was injured, but Derrik just sort of danced around her. What the hell?? A 10????

Susan & Tony - I don't think she rocked it out?? I don't think she was out of the box! I don't think ....she can DANCE! I should also mention at this point that Tanner hates that she is so skinny and has those big fake boobs. He is screaming "go home! take your skinny chicken legs and your fake boobs and go home!!!"

Cody & Julianne - I thought it was great. He is hilarious! And maybe we like him b/c he reminds me of Tanner's brother!

Cloris & Corky - GO HOME CLORIS!!!

And was it just me or was Samantha making HORRIBLE faces back stage?? When she was throwing it back to Tom, she was trying to be hip but just looked like a idiot!

The group dance was awesome, but as Tanner pointed out, not ballroom. I thought it was fun and showed who could dance. It was neat to see the rehearsals, and I think Derrik is a great dancer…Am I the only one that thinks he is sexy?? Speaking of sexy, did anyone else see the sneaky ABC intern’s attempt to keep Brooke on the show during the group dance rehearsal? Having her tuck her shirt up into her bra to expose her stomach?!? Was it just me??
Susan and Cloris – GO HOME!! Susan Lucci (who I love as Erica Kane) is just too reserved and can’t break out of her box. Also, she looks like a stick I could break over my leg…eat something! Warren was AWESOME! He is so full of life and I agreed with Carrie Ann when she said that he reminds her of Emmitt, but has something more, the ability to really find the character. He is a great dancer for a 300lbs guy and I think he is even losing some weight. I think there are a lot of women voting for him…the big teddy bear. I am glad to see Kym got a good dance partner this season and hope to see her go far…this makes up for giving her Jerry Springer. I loved the taunting between Warren and Maurice, especially since I seen white guys dance better than Maurice!! And Warren's little solo was awesome and the crowd went wild!! Cody's beat boxing was really cool and reminded me Justin Timberlake!! The costumes were awesome and totally reminded me of high school!! I think this is certainly where Lacey and Derrik shine! I am completely amazed by the way Derrick can moved his body! And Lacey just looks like a natural...did anyone catch the mullet that Lance was sporting?? Again...Sudan Lucci CAN NOT Dance!! She couldn't even remember all the steps!

Ahhh who will go home???

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