Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I couldn't resist...there was the scale taunting me!

I worked out this morning, for the second week in a row on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6am. There is a gym on the campus of my company, so I am taking advantage. I want to just weight myself once a week since things can change over the course of a few days – you didn’t go to the bathroom first, you have on a heavier sweater, etc. But today after I got out of the shower, there was the scale taunting me! “Saying you have been working out for 2 weeks, you have been on the diet, come weight yourself!” Now yesterday I had a hard day with the diet. I was really tied, so I had a latte – nonfat of course, but still an extra 130 calories. Then last night the dinner didn’t look so good, so I added 1oz of nonfat cheese…which added 42 calories. So now I have added 172 extra calories…man they add up! So I was thinking I couldn’t have lost anything. So I get on the scale and pull the weights down to what I weighed on Monday, and the level falls!! WOO! So I slide it back 1 slot, still down!! I slide it one more and it pops up, but then levels off. So I lost 2lbs!! J These little progressive steps help me to stay motivated. For some people it doesn’t matter, but for me, I need to see the results of my hard work! It is highly motivating to me and helps to keep me on the path! Oh and then when I got my cube this morning, I discovered that I didn’t have both my protein servings yesterday morning, so I actually only added 112 extra calories. Good thing I increased my reps this morning to 15!! J So far, so good! I am happy and surprisingly not that hungry!

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Vanessa Rogers said...

I used to be against weighing myself, and sometimes I still feel that way, because I become obsessive and that can lead to being unhealthy. But studies show that people who weigh themselves are much more likely to lose weight which I found very interesting.