Thursday, August 14, 2008

As you will find out, I love coffee! I love good coffee. I can't however function without a good solid latte in the morning and a great not too fizzy diet coke in the afternoon. I spent 3 wonderful years of my life working for a franchise of Seattle's Best Coffee here in Austin. I think I might even still regret leaving, although it was ultimately better for my friendship with Ben and for mental health! I worked like a dog, and finally lost the drive to keep performing.

Seattle's Best is now a division of Starbucks, which is ok since they have held the intergry of the coffee and the roasting styles of the original SBC. They didn't sell out, but yet made a great decision to enter into a relationship with their biggest competition. It makes sense. SBC customers are a different segment of the coffee drinking populus, so now Starbucks owns two instead of one segment of their target market.

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